EasyReading®, a font for all

a font for all

For the graphics of our new website, we have chosen to use the EasyReading® font. This is a highly readable typeface designed specifically to be of help to dyslexic readers but which, in fact, like all projects created according to the principle of design for all, is first and foremost a tool that facilitates reading for all categories of readers.

Some time ago we met Federico Alfonsetti, the designer who created the font and who heads the EasyReading® team, and in his studio in Turin we talked about accessibility, publishing and our mutual projects. The work done by Federico Alfonsetti together with his team proves once again that the so-called universal design is the one that gives the best results not only in terms of accessibility, but also in terms of design, harmony and "beauty".

In fact, we liked this font first of all for its elegant and airy line; in terms of accessibility, then, the knowledge that it is the only font with high legibility that has been the subject of scientific research with positive judgements, convinced us definitively.
If you are interested in discovering the genesis of this project, the specific characteristics of the font, the testimonials of those who have chosen it for websites, museum signage, publishing... as well as downloading the free font for personal use, we invite you to visit www.easyreading.it.

EasyReading logo, Dyslexia Friendly High Readability Font

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